Charitable Donation Requests

Thank you for inquiring about a donation from the North Museum of Nature and Science.

North Museum of Nature and Science is a non-profit organization which supports other non-profit organizations in Pennsylvania by providing charitable contributions in the form of complimentary admission to the North Museum of Nature and Science. Each eligible organization may receive a maximum of 4 (2 adult and 2 junior) complimentary admission tickets to the North Museum. Applications are considered once per organization per calendar year.


    • Organization must be a Federally licensed 501c (3) non-profit, charitable agency
    • Organization’s mission should align with the mission of the Museum
    • Organization must be located in central Pennsylvania as indicated on the organization’s email signature
    • Requests must be submitted by email and include a completed Donation Request Form
    • Requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event and no more than six months prior to the event date
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered


  • Requests must include:



    1. Specific type of fundraiser for which the tickets will be used (i.e. bingo, walk)
    2. The actual date of the fundraiser
    3. The organization’s Tax ID (EIN) number (Schools must also provide their NCES school code/ID)


The North Museum Donation Request Review and Decision-Making Process:

  • Applicants requesting donations must complete a North Museum Donation Application Form
  • Upon submission the Donations Coordinator will screen all donation request applications for eligibility
  • Donation requests will be given preferred consideration if/when:
    • The organization operates locally
    • The request benefits Lancaster and/or surrounding counties, such as promoting education in Lancaster County School
    • When the request supports the mission of the North Museum and/or directly impacts children



  • The North Museum of Nature and Science reserves the right to change or modify our Charitable Donation Program at any time
  • The North Museum reserves the right to make the final donation decision regarding all applications
  • Donation packages equal 4 (2 adult and 2 junior) complimentary admission tickets to the North Museum
  • Donation packages are a $36 retail value
  • Ticket donations are valid for one year from date of issuance. Extensions cannot be granted
  • The North Museum of Nature and Science prohibits all online sales of donated tickets, with the exception of online fund raising auctions, hosted by the charity’s own website
  • Consideration of donation requests will be based on our annual funding availability for current year projects
  • Any organization that has already received a donation within the past 12 months will not be considered
  • Museum policies prohibit the consideration of multi-year requests
  • Requests unable to be filled will receive an email notification


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