Little Explorer & Me: Ghostly Grotto

October 25, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Each month, the Little Explorer and Me program will introduce a new topic to our preschool guests. Sessions will include hands-on activities as well as experiments, demonstrations, and more. Coffee is also included!  

Mystery Shapes Sensory Bin

Can the little explorers uncover the correct objects buried in the dark sand using only their sense of touch?

Magnetic Slime

The black slime holds a pretty cool secret – it’s magnetic! Little explorers get the chance to figure out which objects will attract the slime and which won’t.

Clear Solution Painting

Little explorers paint their own Jack-o-lanterns, but what colors will it be? Using litmus paper, they will discover how solutions may look alike, but are actually very different.


Aerogel is the lightest solid in the world, making it look almost like it’s made up of the same stuff as ghosts. Little explorers get to find out just how strong this material is.

This is a drop-in program and no preregistration is required.

Non-Members: Little Explorer & Me activities are included in admission price, children 2 and under are free.

Members: Little Explorer & Me activities are free with Museum Membership ID.

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