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Earth Science Shows


dynamicearthstill220x220Dynamic Earth: Exploring Earth’s Climate Engine
Recommended for Grades 4 & up
Length: 24 minutes

Explore the inner workings of Earth’s climate system by riding along on swirling ocean and wind currents, diving into the heart of a monster hurricane, coming face-to-face with sharks and gigantic whales, and flying into roiling volcanoes.  Narrated by Liam Neeson.

A co-production of Spitz Creative Media, the Advanced Visualization Lab at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, and the Thomas Lucas Productions, Inc.  Produced in association with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and NASA Earth Science.





habitat_earth_220x220Habitat Earth: Living in a Connected World
Recommended for Grades 4 & up
Length: 25 minutes

Plunge below the ocean’s surface to explore the dynamic relationships found in deep ocean ecosystems; dig beneath the forest to see how Earth’s tallest trees rely on tiny fungi to survive; and soar to new heights to witness the intricate intersection between human and ecological networks.   Narrated by Frances McDormand.

A production of the California Academy of Sciences.





Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure – Available until June 10, 2018
Recommended for ages Grades 4 & up
Length: 40 minutes

Journey 80 million years back in time to when some of the most ferocious creatures prowled the Earth’s oceans. Interweaving ground breaking fossil finds from around the globe with cutting edge computer generated re-creations, National Geographic’s storytelling immerses you in the age when monsters ruled the seas!  Narrated by Liev Schreiber.

A production of National Geographic.





Recommended for Grades 4 & up
Length: 24 minutes

Visit rare classes of eruptions that have marshaled the energy that lurks, like a sleeping dragon, beneath the surface of planet Earth. From Toba to volcanic eruptions around our solar system to Yellowstone National Park, a legendary hot spot, will these supervolcanoes erupt again our time? It’s not a question if they will, but a question of when.   Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

A co-production of Spitz Creative Media, Mirage 3D and Thomas Lucas Productions, Inc., in association with Denver Museum of Nature & Science.



Astronomy Shows


 The Accidental Astronauts: An Earth Sun Moon Adventure
Recommended for ages Grades K to 3
Length: 32 minutes

Starting Saturday, July 1 follow the adventures of Cy and Annie and their dog Armstrong as they embark on an unexpected journey into space! Explore the Earth, Sun and Moon system with a wisecracking starship computer; bounce along with them on the surface of the Moon; get up close and personal with a solar storm; and gain a new appreciation of our home planet. Accidental Astronauts is a story written by award-winning children’s book writer Kristyn Crow.  A production of Clark Planetarium.


oneworldonesky220x220One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure
Recommended for Grades Pre-K – 1
Length: 27 minutes

Join Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Elmo as they explore the night sky with Hu Hu Zhu, a Muppet from the Chinese co-production of Sesame Street. Together, they take an imaginary trip from Sesame Street to the starry night sky of constellations and to the moon, where they discover how different it is from Earth.

A production of the Sesame Workshop, Beijing Planetarium, Adler Planetarium, and Liberty Science Center.



cardboardrocket220x220Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Recommended for Grades 1 – 4
Length: 40 minutes

Embark on a dynamic adventure as two young explorers magically travel through the solar system aboard their handcrafted cardboard rocket. With the help of “Book”, the talking astronomy book, as their guide, the travelers seek to visit the Sun and planets.

A production of Clark Planetarium.




magictreehouse220x220Magic Tree House: Space Mission
Recommended for Grades 2-6
Length: 30 minutes

Based on the beloved Magic Tree House book series, Magic Tree House: Space Mission launches the intrepid Jack and Annie on a fun-filled journey to discover the secrets of the Sun, Moon, planets, space travel and more.

A production of UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.



earthmoonandsun220x220Earth, Moon & Sun
Recommended for Grades 2-6
Length: 30 minutes

Explore the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun with the help of Coyote, who has a lot to learn about our home planet and its neighbors. Learn why the Sun rises and sets and the basics of solar energy. Examine the Moon’s orbit, phases, craters and eclipses. Join us on an exciting journey that begins with the Earth, Moon & Sun!

A production of UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.



from earth to the universeFrom Earth to the Universe
Recommended for Grades 3 & up
Length: 30 minutes

Revel in the splendor of the various worlds in the Solar System and the ferocity of the scorching Sun.  From Earth to the Universe takes you on a journey from our home to the colorful birthplaces, to beyond the Milky Way, to the unimaginable immensity of galaxies.  Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of astronomy, the invention of the telescope, and today’s giant telescopes that allow us to continue to probe ever deeper into the Universe. 

A production of Theofanis Matsopoulos & European Southern Observatory (ESO).



Out There: The Quest for Extrasolar Worlds
Recommended for Grade 5 & up
Length: 25 minutes

From primitive science fiction to future space missions, we’ve come to learn what’s truly out there has surpassed even the wildest expectations.  Human’s curiosity has driven us to look outwards for millennia, to discover and explore new and distant worlds and to find the unfamiliar and extraordinary forms of life that could exist in the mysterious realms of the Universe. 

A production by the Swiss Museum of Transport Planetarium in cooperation with NCCR PlanetS and the European Southern Observatory (ESO).



The Hot and Energetic Universe
Recommended for Grade 5 & up
Length: 30 minutes

Probe the most massive objects in the universe, supermassive black holes, neutron stars and supernova remnants and encounter the fascinating world of high energy astrophysics and how it plays a key role in understanding our universe




The Dark Matter Mystery

Recommended for Grade 5 & up
Length: 30 minutes

Investigate one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy, Dark Matter.  What is i?  Does it make up the majority of the universe?  Join the exploration of this contemporary frontier in astronomy and learn more about the properties of dark matter and the techniques being used to attempt to detect it.




Live Facilitated Astronomy Shows


Night Sky TourNight Sky Tour –Live Astronomy Show
Recommended for Grades 5 & up
Length: Approximately 35–40 minutes + Q&A

Join the North Museum’s Astronomy Educators to explore the wonders of the night sky in our live planetarium show, Night Sky Tour! Witness the night sky come to life as you learn about the constellations among the stars, planets currently visible, our place in the cosmos, and more! Each of our SciDome Educators will bring their own expertise to the Night Sky Tour program, making each show a different experience.



cosmic journeysCosmic Journeys –Live Astronomy Show
Recommended for Grades 5 & up
Length: Approximately 40 minutes

Join our professional educators on a live journey through space! Explore the universe as we fly from deep space galaxies, soar through the solar system, and land in our own backyard to gaze at the constellations and planets visible in the night sky. Note: This live show can be customized for group experiences.





Other Science Shows


SEEING: A Photon’s Journey Across Space, Time, and Mind
Recommended for ages Grade 5 & up
Length: 22 minutes

Ride a photon across the galaxy to your mind’s eye and experience how we see.  From a photon’s creation to its journey across the galaxy into our eye, SEEING! reveals the structures of the eye and their functions, prior to taking a ride on the optic nerve creating the image that the brain sees.  Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

SEEING was directed by Robin Sip, written by Emmy Award winning writer Kris Koekig.  




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