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STEAM Career Exploration North Museum

STEAM Career Exploration

This half-day program focuses on igniting participant’s interest in STEAM careers, what they do, key facts and information, wages, education and training needed. The North Museum provides various hands-on STEAM learning activities for up to 30 participants. After we review together the career details and the science involved we introduce the participants to a hands-on project that relates to that STEAM Career. The project incorporates the science used in that industry. Each hands-on project will include the Scientific Method and incorporates the collaborative Learning approach.

The program begins with sharing different specimens from the North Museum, an overview of careers in STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and explores each participants potential for uncovering skills and talents within the STEAM field. Four STEAM Careers will be explored along with a fun, interactive, hands-on project for each career (careers and activities are subject to change):

  • Aviation Inspector: Build a Slingshot Rocket, Explore the Physics of flight, Conduct a Launch Contest.
  • Industrial Health and Safety Engineer: Structural Engineering Team Contest– Plywood Platform activity with one lead Engineer per team. Each team has limited construction materials and time frame.
  • Food Scientist: We will make Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream, explore the properties of Liquid Nitrogen, temperature activities, and explore the States of Matter.
  • Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians: Build and Launch Catapults– Team Activity. Explore the properties of trajectory and force in physics.

Included in the half day program is a viewing of Dynamic Earth in the North Museum’s planetarium, the SciDome Theater. Dynamic Earth explores the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. The visualizations are based on satellite monitoring data and advanced supercomputer simulations that follow a trail of energy that flows from the Sun into interlocking systems that shape our climate. Dynamic Earth is the result of a two-year collaboration between NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio in association with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and NASA Earth Science.

The program day will conclude with a review of each career, industry and the science used. Participants will have an open discussion about the new interests, skills, talents, careers, science and/or technology they have discovered. Most projects provide take home materials for the participants to continue to explore.

After the conclusion of the day program, participants will be able to view all three levels of the North Museum with time to explore the collections, live animal room, nature gallery, and the geology department. Key areas of the Museum will be highlighted that relate to the careers they have explored.

This customized program includes program management, prep, SciDome, Museum entrance, upgrade, facilitator, liquid nitrogen and project material fees.

Length: Approximately 4 hours plus 1 hour set-up and 1 hour tear-down required.
Cost on-site: $1,425.00 up to 30 students plus $10 per student over 30 for the same program at the same location.
Contact: Please call 717.358.4605 or email for more information.

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