First exhibit fully curated from North Museum’s collections.

From the North Museum’s 250,000+ objects in its collections, a new exhibit brings forward its cache of marine-based treasures for Shallow Seas, opening on Saturday, June 29. Highlighting animal and plant life found in the sunlit waters around the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, the exhibit includes items that have not been displayed since the 1960s.

Shallow Seas will take visitors through three different marine environments around the Atlantic Ocean. The exhibit first immerses you into the bright colorful world of a coral reef in the Caribbean Sea and explores concepts of biodiversity, evolutionary adaptations, and roles within habitats. The next section explores the often overlooked temperate waters right off of our coast. This area while not as diverse is a mixing pot of colder species from the north and warmer species from the south. Temperate waters explores themes of evolutionary adaptation, migration, and the power of ocean currents. Temperate oceans fade into the final section, the Arctic Ocean and the unique creatures who live there. The Arctic Ocean explores the role of marine mammals in an ecosystem and also fragile climate system in the Arctic.

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